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‘Sup. I’m on a train right now, heading through the countryside towards Triberg, a little town in the Black Forest that we decided we’d stop in rather than spend all of our time in Frankfurt, AKA the least tourist-friendly city I’ve ever encountered. 

This morning we ventured downstairs to see what we could eat for breakfast. Being a vegan, I wasn’t really sure there would be anything I could or would eat, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a selection of fruit, so I made a salad or kiwi, melon, watermelon and what I think was papaya, although I have no idea. 

We made out into Frankfurt with the intentions of not getting lost today, and we actually succeeded! It was a bloody miracle! We headed out towards Palmengarten, a botanical garden in the city. Entrance was €10 for the two of us (adult being €7 and student €3) and we headed in. The entire area was so beautiful, with such carefully placed flowers and trees and shrubs, but by far the modt impressive thing was the expansive Tropikarium greenhous, filled with exotic plsnt species from around the world. As a plant enthusiast, this was the equilvalent of heaven for me. Today’s featured image is from the gardens.

The only issue with the gardens, as with every other place in the city, was finding food. It seems that there are very few restaurants in Frankfurt, so while we didn’t have the lack of signposting issueswithin Palmengarten that we’d experienced in the rest of the city (probably a large reason for our getting lost) finding something to eat was impossible. Long story short, we gave up, and decided just to get food at the station. I had noodles from Asia Gourmet. They were nice.

Then came the struggle of figuring out the trains. On our tickets, it didn’t say the platform or the change overs, which was difficult, so we spent a while trying to figure it out, but eventually did and boarded the correct train (I had my doubts). Now, sat on the second train that we’ll take to our destination, the scenery is blowing me away, when I look up from the screen. The hills are high and towering and blanketed in conifers. The occasional village pops up, red-tiled roofs in little clusters. The hillsides are in some places farmed, some places stunning woodland, and even the electrical wires that are strung across the landscape only add to the way I feel it is so beautiful. I’m going to stop writing now, and take some more of it in, as I have half an hour to watch the world go by. 


I’m really hungry now.

After being taken through mountain tunnels and along sheer drops, we finally arrived at Triberg station. There were no taxis, so we began walking towards where we thought our apartment was, but it was so much further (and all uphill!) than we’d been expecting. We found a taxi in the middle of town and took it the rest of the way.

I’ve been reading since we arrived pretty much, but I wasn’t expecting there to be three of us in this room. The third, of course, being the bear skin on the wall, which I am fairly certain is real and I am not particularly happy about. Anyway, I’m really hungry, so we need to venture back out nkw to find a supermarket – hopefully we can find some decent vegan food!


It was a success. We found a ready made tofu bolognese, which was actually alright, with pasta that was kind of like spaghetti but really thin. It was lovely. And then, of course, strawberries and raspberries afterwards.

We decided we should go for a wander. Mum said storms were forecast, so we should go out before that. We walked along as far as the waterfalls (highest in Germany) through the occasional rumble of thunder. They were stunning, but it started raining when we got there, so we turned back and will almost certainly go again tomorrow. 

Upon our return, I continued snacking on dark chocolate (the best kind) and reading. I just finished the book. It was amazing. Everyone should read it. But I’m so sad that it’s over 😭.

• • •

So how was that? I feel kind of addicted to writing like this, but I’m not sure I’ve got my style right just yet. We’ll get there. Eventually. 

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