I’m not so sure I liked the format of my other “A Day In The Life” posts, so I figured I’d leave this one all until the end of the day to write. To be fair, this is probably just because I’m way to big a procrastinator to actually bother, and I felt like my strange sense of humour has been slowly trickling out of me like water through a leaky pipe. But I am determined to succeed (just kidding, I’m going to make some sarcastic comments while bragging about my day and then try to get on with my life as if nothing had ever happened). I’m also going to say what I ate (if I can actually remember it 🤔) because unlike when I was in Frankfurt (read about my getting lost and my journey to Triberg) , I have actually eaten. I know. It’s incredible.

So! This morning I think I woke up about five o’clock by the work of the devil (AKA the sun) streaming light in past our curtains. I just turned over and went back to sleep, because I rebel against the light. Not really. I was just pretty tired seeing as it was five in the damned morning. I seem to recall the bell tower across the town ringing out at about half seven as well, but I might be exaggerating that given the state if exhaustion I was in both then and now as I type this. Regardless, I took this as a clue to get up and had a shower. Breakfast was quite remarkable. I mean, it wasn’t, but it was in that it was the only thing I didn’t feel too hungry after eating for the past few days. I had granola with fresh strawberries drenched in soya milk and a glass of OJ. And then half a bar of dark chocolate afterwards but that’s not important. At some point this morning I think I was standing out on the balcony, soaking in the dewy morning haze over the Black Forest, which was very pretty. 

We decided to go out to the waterfalls today (“Deutschlands höchste Wasserfälle”, apparently), and I will admit I appreciated them more this morning than I did last night. There is something so serene about the way the water trickles over the rocks, then ruins it all by smashing like a cascade of screeching fangirls over a ten-foot drop. Just so serene. The scenery was pretty stunning though, what with all of the spruces and rocks and moss and stuff. Oh, and a few red and black squirrels, some pretty birds, a bug or two. I don’t know. Decide for yourself:

Anyway, it was a bloody long and exhausting trek up to the top of the falls, so it was a relief like no other when finally we started to head back down. We got to the main entrance of the falls (we came in through a different one on the trails) and went to the toilet. Now, you may be wondering where the relevance of this is, but look what I found:

Vegan power in a public toilet in Triberg, Germany 💪

I feel like a proud mother. Well done Triberg. 👏

We took a walk into town from here. Triberg is honestly so beautiful. We went into a cuckoo clock shop, seeing as the damned things are what the Black Forest is famous for, and stumbled upon the garish and disturbing ‘most expensive cuckoo clock in the world’, a massive gilded thing worth more than €22,000. I hate cuckoo clocks.

We popped into what I think is some kind if health/convenience store on the way back up to our apartment, picking up a couple of things. Since I ran out of dark chocolate this morning, I got some vegan chocolate with dinkel flakes (that may be gone already 😳) and multivitamins for vegans, since I haven’t been totally vegan for a long time and was starting to feel a lack of energy. Of course, I have never been able to swallow a pill, but I’ll figure it out. Hopefully.

Then it was back to the apartment with the presumably-real dead bear on the wall for some lunch, where I had a sandwich of VioLife vegan cheese (my absolute favourite, it’s incredible) with tomatoes, cucumber, a banana, grapes, and, of course, Pom Bears. Ironic.

We went out to sit by the lake for a bit this afternoon between meals. Of course, calling it a lake is a bit of a stretch, seeing as it is no larger than a duck pond but it’s only resident a a solitary duck. It’s closer to a puddle than a lake, but apparently some figure skating championship thing in the early twentieth century was held on it so it’s like prestigious or something. I dunno. I was re-reading I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson, AKA my favourite book ever to have existed. This is my third read through of it, and I still love it equally as much as I did the first and second times, or perhaps now even more so. It’s a YA contemporary, but it doesn’t read like a YA – it just follows teenage characters. It covers some issues that we face to do with identity and relationships within families and sexuality and incredibly attractive British guys with heterochromia iridis in leather jackets riding around on motorcycles and giving girls oranges, so it’s a real winner for me.

After returning from loafing by the “lake”, I made some dinner, fried tofu and red peppers with white rice and cucumber, which was pretty nice, and at some point I posted the photo on Instagram that is currently the most liked photo on my account (go check me out: @emmabird09). That was pretty satisfying, to be honest. 

We headed out after dinner for another trek around the waterfalls, following a rocky ‘Natural Trail’ that was really beautiful, but given that I was already fatigued from insufficient sleep I was struggling a little. The waterfalls were still pretty, and it was nice seeing the light dropping over the hills. 

Now I’m here. It was a pretty good day for me, one that I found quite relaxing, especially compared with the busy city of Frankfurt (and getting lost in it). If you liked this post, let me know by leaving a comment, and I’ll check out your blog as I’m looking for more lifestyle bloggers to follow (comment any recommendations if you have any as well). For now, auf wiedersehen!