To be completely honest with you, whatever possessed me to start this blog has been slowly dwindling away, and it’s making me kind of uncomfortable. When the overwhelming urge to start it kicked in, I was obsessed, like, I have to post every single day or I’m a failure obsessed, but now I’m kind of running out of fuel. What kind of lifestyle blog can a person have when she’s barely out of school, can’t drive and has a grand total of one friends?

So, naturally, I decided I’d take you with me on a journey. Alright, maybe nothing that spectacular, but I’m going to tell you about my day, Saturday 24th June, 2016. Bear with, it might not be as dull as it sounds (but we’ll be soon to find out).


This morning I technically woke up at 6:40, with all of the good intentions of going for a run, but the unspeakable tiredness that has been gradually getting worse and worse throughout the week hit me like a wave and I wasn’t able to haul myself out of bed until 7:30. So, no run, in the end, but I did get a nice bit of extra snoozing time. I regret it, and I’m still tired, but hey, extra sleep (kinda).

The first thing I thought when I finally struggled to throw off my blankets and sit up was “I want to read”. For the duration of 2017, I have been in a reading slump. Out of my Goodreads target of 45 books this year, I think I’ve completed about 13, but recently, what with no stress of school exams anymore, I actually don’t have to feel guilty about spending 24/7 with my nose in a book. So I staggered through my sleepy haze to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of Tropicana (literally the only thing that suitably quenches my thirst on a morning) and slumped onto the sofa with my book. I’m reading Brandon Sanderson’s The Hero of Ages right now, and I must say, this man is becoming my favourite author. I’ve also read his Stormlight Archive series as far as they’ve been released and oh my gosh, I love these books. If you like high fantasy, read them! Even if you don’t like fantasy, or books at all, read them, because Sanderson is just so brilliant at characters and world building and plot and humour and just about every other aspect of novels that I crave. Kaladin is my bae. So is Elend. ❤

It got to around, I don’t know, twenty past nine when I realised oh crap I need a shower before work, so I’ve been in the shower. My hair smells weird because I had to borrow my parents’ shampoo because mine so lovingly ran out. Little b*tch. Regardless, I now have smooth legs and don’t feel like there’s dirt crawling all over me. Success!


I promise I didn’t stay up this entire time. I did go to sleep, honestly, even if it was only a few hours before I had to be up at the crack of dawn this morning (more on that later). 

On Saturdays I work a four hour shift in the local town (which is like eight miles away, so it’s probably not actually worth the trip), and for once I actually left the shop not feeling like total crap. It’s not that I didn’t do my usual trick of, well, messing up again, I just managed to not let anyone actually find out, so no customers were having a go at me today (progress).

I was picked up by my greatest of friends (that one friend I mentioned earlier), Liv, as she had invited me to an annual ‘festival’ in her village. So, once we finally reached her house after mooching in Sainsbury’s I stripped off my work uniform (AKA the work of the bloody devil, I hate it so much), and changed into a dress. Much more comfy. We had to make food to take with us, but, being mostly-vegans, it can be difficult to find anything, so we improvised by rolling out some ready made puff pastry and making little pastry things (tarts? probably not) using a homemade garlic and kidney bean spread and a few tiny pieces of baked tofu. I would’ve posted a picture, but they were all in the process of digestion before I thought of that 🤔

Following this, we went to the festival, which really was just a group of people gathered in the back garden of some person with a flipping massive house. It was huge. We were just sat in the garden. Most people, however were talking to one another, but being the anti-social little sods we are, Liv and I just chose to explore the grounds. There wasn’t much to explore, but we eventually found a perch from where we could watch the sun setting. I mean, by ‘perch’, I mean we plonked ourselves down in the grass, but that sufficed.

I had to leave at ten (which Liv was happily complaining about, as it meant she would have to interact with other people, shock horror) as I needed to be up so early this morning, and the village gathering (which my dad later joked was probably a midsummer festival with human sacrifices) is known to go on until quite late. But all is well! For yesterday’s evening I used to finish packing for my trip to Germany, which is commencing now and is the reason I’m writing before it’s even six o’clock in the morning! 

• • •

So . . . still not so sure how that went. Did I do my day in the life correctly? Oh well, I wrote it, and that’s all that matters. I feel like I’ll do one for tomorrow as well (or I suppose today now), but we’ll see. Maybe the four hours of sleep will exhaust me too much. Who knows?

Comment below if you’ve found this even remotely interesting – maybe leave a link to your blog, and I’ll check it out when I get some free time, whether this week or when I get back from Deutschland.