Ah, walking. Honestly, sometimes I think I could walk all day if only the world allowed it. Truly, there is very little I look forward to more than throwing on my Converse and taking out the dog of an evening. If it has never appealed to you much before, I have compiled a list of seven reasons that walking is hands down my favourite part of the day.

1. Time to Think

One of the things I love about taking a stroll amongst nature is the solitude. When you’ve been having a tough day, or something’s bothering you, walking is a great way to both release a bit of that pent-up frustration or just to get your thoughts in order. For me, I think it’s great to be able to clear my head after a stressful day of exams, and the fresh air is just so refreshing.

2. Socialising

Okay, so maybe this kinda contradicts my last point, but I absolutely love going on walks with my mum. It’s the time I get to bond the most with her, and most of our deepest conversations take place crossing the fields with the dog miles behind sniffing a piece of interesting twig. Even walking together in silence is a great way to build your relationship – the quiet needn’t be awkward if you’re both comfortable just to stroll in each other’s company. Sometimes it’s good for the two of you to escape together, whoever you might be walking with, and explore the countryside.

A happy doggy ready for the wild.

3. Happy Doggy

There is nothing as nice to me as seeing my dog’s adorable face light up at the sound of the word ‘walkies’. Naturally, this doesn’t apply to non-dog owners, but for those of us with canine companions, the excitement in their eyes when they know they get to leave the house and cross the wide expanse of fields is more than worth your reluctance to go outside in the freezing cold of winter.

4. Exercising

Now, although the principle of some intense exercise is often the most unappealing idea ever, it is a fact that doing more activity boosts serotonin levels, a hormone that can dictate your mood – when serotonin is high, your mood is elevated. When you’re feeling a bit down or stressed, walking will boost your mood and give you a bit of relief, which is always nice in my opinion.

5. Avoid Going Stir Crazyyyyyyy

I don’t know about you, but for me even a few hours cooped up indoors becomes a bit much, and walking in the countryside, which is easily accessible from my village, is a great way to get the hell out of that damned house. Nobody likes being stuck inside with nothing to do, so my solution when I’m a little bored leads me to the great outdoors. Sometimes I even like to walk in the rain, letting the sounds soothe away my anxieties. The wind though, well, that’s a foe I’m not brave enough to face.

6. Photography Opportunities

On the topic of getting bored, walking is a great opportunity to take up a new hobby – nature photography. I love exploring the land surrounding my village, finding interesting plants or creatures (if they’ll stay still) to take pictures of. The best part is, you don’t even need a flashy camera – all of these pictures were taken using my iPod Touch (6th Gen), which I could open quickly when I saw something I wanted to photograph and is incredibly easy to use. It also means that when you get back home you can start playing around with filters and detail options, until you get stunning pictures. I particularly like taking them in the evening as the sun sets, as this gives the photos are beautiful glow.

7. The Scenery

Naturally, if you have good photography opportunities, you’ve probably got pretty nice scenery, some of which is very difficult to capture with any measure of the actual scene showing up on the viewfinder. Where I live there are a few old churches that are nice to observe, modern windmills that are incredibly striking against the sky, and even the typically ugly pylons looking striking towering over the hilly fields. If you like looking at pretty pictures of places on the internet, go the next step and find some pretty places yourself – it’s always worth the effort to see something that can make you so happy.

What do you think? What are your favourite parts about going out for walk, and city folk, what’s the nicest thing about taking a stroll through the streets? Leave a comment below to let me know!